Root Canal

Root canal therapy treats infections either deep within the tooth or at the apex of the tooth.  Symptoms of an infection in the tooth or at the apex may include sensitivity to hot or cold, sensitivity to percussion (tapping on the tooth), swelling around the surrounding gum tissue, and discomfort. Infections are typically related to decay that starts at the surface of the tooth, when left untreated, works through the tooth to the pulp chamber (or nerve center) of the tooth.   Dr. Zane will use digital imaging to diagnose the tooth.

During the root canal the tooth is opened, and infection is cleaned out of the roots using a sterile solution. The canals of the tooth are then filled with a rubber like material and the tooth is closed.  Teeth that have had root canal therapy are typically restored with a crown, once the root canal is complete.  The crown seals and reinforces the tooth to prevent any future issues.