Crowns, commonly known as “caps,” are needed when the majority of the tooth’s structure has been destroyed by severe decay, and an inlay/onlay would not adequately cover the area. Crowns are also usually required after root canal therapy to strengthen the tooth and make it more stable. On occasion crowns are prescribed  to help improve a poor bite.

Crowns are larger than inlays/onlays and are placed over the entire tooth. Developed from porcelain and composite material, a crown will enhance the aesthetics of your smile while providing great strength and support. With the advancements in dental technology today, porcelain materials sometimes offer equal strength to that of gold. In addition, porcelain materials provide the most lifelike esthetics.

Dr. Zane uses CAD/CAM technology to create crowns.  This means that no gooey impression materials is used.  And, because digital files can be transfer electronically,  the time you will spend in a temporary crown awaiting your final restoration is significantly less.