Teeth Whitening

Teeth yellow or stain with age, trauma, foods and beverages we consume, and even some medications. Fortunately there are many alternatives that dentists can use to help patients whiten their smile.  In-office and take-home whitening offered by Dr. Zane both use peroxide solutions to whiten. However, the in-office solutions tend to be stronger, and can thus achieve a greater result in a shorter time frame.  Over the counter whitening products, such as whitestrips also use a peroxide solution, but the strength is even less than the take-home whitening products found in Dr. Zane’s practice.

In-Office Whitening

In office whitening can be complete in just a single visit and can leave teeth up to eight shades lighter.  With some in-office whitening systems, a  light is used to activate the peroxide solution.  However, other systems require no light and simply need to be applied.  An average tooth whitening appointment takes about an hour.

At-Home Bleaching Trays

At home trays are custom made in Dr. Zane’s office.  The custom tray enables the whitening solution to be evenly applied to the teeth. Unlike over the counter strips, the custom trays stay in place and are reusable.  With your at-home, custom tray, Dr. Zane will provide you with a peroxide based whitening gel, less strong than the gel used for in-office whitening.

What to Know

In some cases, whitening can cause sensitivity.  Newer solutions, used by Dr.  Zane decrease the amount of sensitivity experienced during whitening.  If you do experience sensitivity during whitening you can contact Dr. Zane’s office. Dr. Zane’s team will let you know how to decrease sensitivity and avoid discomfort that comes with whitening.